Sunday, February 15, 2009

iPod Touch WiFi Nightmare 

What works:

It finds my wireless network and shows connected bars.

What doesn't work:

When I try to connect to anything I get either: "Safari is not connected to the internet" OR "the server stopped responding." I have tried typing in IP addresses directly and I still get the latter message, so I believe the problem is more than just a DNS problem. I believe it has to do with some sort of router security problem.

Here is one piece of advice from a forum:
ok go into settings and then WiFi, and then click the blue > symbol to the right of the connection. Look at your IP address. If it starts with 169.xxx.xxx.xxx, then it failed to pick up an IP address from your wireless router. Use the "Forget this Network button and try connecting again.

So I did look at my settings, and the IP address it is picking up does start with 169. So I clicked "forget this network" and then reset my network settings from the General ==> Reset menu. Selected my wifi again but still got the 169 IP address.

Other suggestions from around the web are to disable WEP in my router. This concerns me, of course, because doesn't that mean my wireless connection is completely unsecure?

I think my next step is going to be to reset my router and check for firmware upgrades, as my router is about three years old. And, I need to reset it anyways to get access to settings because I can't seem to find where I wrote down the password that I dutifully changed for security reasons.

Another suggestion is to "enter the iphones name and MAC address onto the authorised list and press APPLY. this will put it into the routers list of devices. Iphone MAC address and details are obtained by going to SETTINGS-GENERAL- ABOUT. The iphone name is a derivative of the MAC address!" I'm not sure exactly what this means, but under Settings ==> General ==> About there is a Wi-Fi Address listed. I'm guessing that is the "MAC address".

Monday, January 19, 2009

25 Things You May or May Not Know About Me 

1. I speak Hebrew
2. I used to write songs. A lot. Good ones. I don't anymore.
3. I used to play bass. In a punky/rock and roll riot grrl/spinal tap kind of band. I don't anymore.
4. I lived in Israel for most of 9th grade and loved it so much I went back for 10th grade even though it meant living away from my Mom (and my Dad had just recently died).
5. I traveled around Europe on my own on my way back from Israel after 10th grade.
6. I was made aware of the plight of the Palestininans in 11th grade by a street person in Harvard Square who would steal books from the Coop and give them to me to read.
7. I went back to the middle east in college once to live on a Kibbutz and then on a peace study tour all over the middle east (including Syria) with the Resource Center for Nonviolence.
8. I went on to write a thesis about the one-sided way the U.S. media covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
9. I obsessively treat all the stains on my clothes and my sons clothes even though they are mostly worn out hand me downs and some even have holes in them.
10. I've made some faux pas on Friendfeed by sticking my nose in drama unnecessarily.
11. My mom hung out with Allen Ginsberg and I got to meet him through her.
12. I met a lot of very cool digerati types when I worked at Interval Research.
13. I lived in my VW van for about a year sometime in college.
14. I have consulted mediums and kind of believed some of them.
15. The spiritual teacher I trust and respect and revere the most is not incarnate at this time.
16. I was a vegetarian from age 14 - 21.
17. I studied to be a yoga teacher in L.A. with two of the best teachers - Ana Forest and Erich Schifmann.
18. I never taught yoga.
19. I rarely practice yoga anymore.
20. I buy $3 and $4 wine from Trader Joe's all the time and I think it is better than almost any wine out there.
21. I've been a writer since 4th grade and I wrote some good stuff then.
22. I don't write enough anymore.
23. This list is really depressing me because I don't do all the cool stuff I used to do.
24. I don't listen to music that often anymore.
25. I adore my son and being with him makes me amazingly happy every day.

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